Five Reasons You May Want to Consider Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Florida.

May 29, 2020 admin 0 Comments

Between talking pigs and “Mayhem”, saving money on your auto insurance is a priority for many car owners. And for good reason. Many states are “no fault” states meaning that you’ll be on the hook for at least your deductible even if you are not the responsible party. There are many differences in auto insurance policies. The most expensive is comprehensive auto insurance. Many people forego comprehensive insurance to realize significant savings, but there are some circumstances that you may want to consider before deciding to pass on comprehensive coverage. 

Injury to Your Pets

The market for pet care is growing by the day. Pets are considered an important part of a family. But what happens when your pet is injured in a car accident? In some cases, a comprehensive insurance policy will include treatment for your pet. When you consider that a vet bill can be as expensive, or more expensive, than your own medical bills, a significant injury to your pet can put you in a financial mess. 

Teenage Drivers With Learner’s Permits

Most states do not require you to add your teenager to your policy until they have a license. But you know the statistics. Teenage drivers are far more likely to get in an accident than an adult driver … even if they only have their permit. With comprehensive auto insurance, you should be covered if your teenage driver damages the car before they have their license. The laws regarding teenage drivers change frequently so be sure to check with your insurance provider about what you can do to protect yourself as your teenager becomes a driver.

Cracked Windshield

You’re driving down the road and a pebble hits your windshield. Soon you see a crack start to spread. Left unattended, this can easily lead to you needing a new windshield, which can be a significant expense. Some auto insurance companies will allow you to add windshield coverage as a rider to a policy without requiring you to have comprehensive coverage. And in some cases, companies may agree to fix small cracks for free. 

Damage Done While Someone Borrows Your Car

It’s nice to help a friend by letting them borrow your truck when they move. But according to without comprehensive insurance, you could be on the hook for damage that happens to your car when you’re not the driver. With comprehensive coverage, your insurance follows your car not the driver. 

Animal Damage

If you live in certain states, then you know the damage that can be done from hitting a deer. The repair costs can be staggering. With comprehensive coverage, you’ll be able to get your car fixed while only being out the cost of your deductible. 

Comprehensive Coverage is Optional

No insurer can force you to buy comprehensive coverage. In the end, insurance is about managing predictable risk. Some of the scenarios described here are extreme, and you may be able to cover them with other forms of insurance. You should be sure to talk to a reputable auto insurance agent here to decide whether or not this form of coverage is right for you.