Home Insurance when you own a trampoline

February 24, 2018 admin 0 Comments

Everything you need to know about homeowners insurance for trampolines

What looks like a relatively innocent purchase can quickly become a real headache and hassle, if you decide to buy a trampoline for your home and ever invest in homeowners insurance for trampolines.

Sure, they are a lot of fun for kids (and even adults) to bounce around in – but with so many people getting injured on a trampoline all over America and then causing all kinds of legal repercussions and lawsuits you need to make sure that you are completely covered.

Is a trampoline that dangerous of a purchase?

Though it certainly doesn’t seem all that dangerous on the surface (and trampoline manufacturers are all doing everything they can to install and integrate new safety technologies into modern trampolines), the fact of the matter is trampoline injuries are quite common throughout the United States.

Somewhere between 2.5 million and 3 million trampolines are in use every single year throughout the United States – with over 100,000 hospital emergency room visits occurring annually and that stem from accidents or injuries sustained while on a trampoline.

This may not be all that big of a problem if you are the gambling type, but most people would like to have the safety and security in knowing that they are completely protected with homeowners insurance for trampolines in the event of a serious medical issue or legal problem stemming from this purchase.

How is a trampoline going to affect the cost of my homeowners insurance?

A trampoline is going to affect your homeowners insurance right off the bat according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/home-insurance/florida-homeowners-insurance-trampolines/. You’ll need to contact the insurance agency to let them know that you have a trampoline on the premise and would like to add trampolines to your coverage.

This is going to add a bit of extra money to your premium and will change the terms of your homeowners insurance in different ways depending upon the specific insurance agency that you’re working with, the specific terms of your policy as already established, and a whole host of other factors that you’ll need to go over with a professional insurance agent or representative.

It’s pretty safe to say that Johnson homeowners insurance for trampolines will add a bit of extra cost to your insurance.

Where do I get homeowners insurance for trampolines?

The best place to get order homeowners insurance for your new trampoline is to contact Florida Insurance Quotes here and see if they are able to add it to your current policy. Sometimes you will have to go to an outside agency or third-party insurance agency to get coverage for your new trampoline. Which may or may not make the process of owning a trampoline worth it in the long run.

Hopefully this quick guide gives you all of the information you need moving forward, and you’re able to completely protect yourself and your loved ones.