Journey’s End Swimming Hole

December 28, 2017 admin 0 Comments

“Journey’s End” is a spectacular swimming hole and waterfall carved in the bedrock of Foote Brook, a cold water, steep stream flowing to the LamoilleRiver. The “Journey’s End” is accessible from Plot Road.

The Vermont River Conservancy worked with property owners, Joseph and Lorraine Padulo, to purchase the 25 acre parcel. The VRC placed a Conservation Easement on the property which permanently protects public access to the Journey’s End swimming hole, provides access for anglers to a 2,500 foot reach of Foote Brook renowned for its high quality trout habitat, and conserves the property along Foote Brook containing deer yards, songbird habitat, and forested buffer which protects the ecological values of Foote Brook. The Town Conservation Commission will play an active role in management of the property, including trail access improvements, signage and swimming hole site improvements With the Conservation Easement in place, the property has now been conveyed to the Town of Johnson who will manage it as a natural and recreational area for Johnson residents and visitors to enjoy in all seasons.


From the village of Johnson (Route 15 / Main St.), head northeast on Pearl St, and continue up Clay Hill Road passing Johnson State College on your right. Turn left onto Plot Road, park in the small pull-off about 0.4 miles ahead on your left.

Photo by: Eric Nuse